Arnapurna Rath, Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)
Assistant Professor (English)
Research Area South-asian Literature
Bakhtin Studies
Critical Theory
Creative Writing and Blogging
Research Ethics and Copyright


Jaison A. Manjaly, Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)
Associate Professor, Philosophy & Cognitive Science
Research Area Experience / Consciousness, Agency, Privacy
Email: jmanjaly@iitgn.ac.in


Krishna Prasad Miyapuram, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)
Assistant Professor (Cognitive Science)


Madhumita Sengupta, Ph.D. ( University of Calcutta)
Assistant Professor (History)
Research Area British Rule in Assam
Colonial Practices and Policies in India
Identity Politics in Assam in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
Middle Class Responses to Colonial Rule


Malavika Subramanyam, D. Sc. (Harvard University)
Assistant Professor (Social Epidemiology)
Research Area: Epidemiology, social epidemiology, socioeconomic determinants of health (economic growth, income inequality, income, subjective social status), psychosocial determinants of health (John Henryism, relative deprivation), research methods, biostatistics, multilevel modeling, neighborhoods and health, undernutrition among children in India, obesity and diabetes prevention in India.


Meera M. Sunny, Ph.D. (University of Warwick)
Assistant Professor (Psychology)


Mona G. Mehta, Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Specialty Areas: Democracy, civil society, ethnic conflict and identity politics in South Asia, political thought of M K Gandhi, comparative politics


Rita Kothari , Ph. D. (Gujarat University)
Professor (Translation studies)
Specialty Areas: Translation Studies; Language Politics, multilingualism and identity-formation, Hinglish, Region Studies (Sindh and Gujarat)


Sharmita Lahiri, Ph.D. (University of Houston)
Assistant Professor (English)
Specialty Areas: Postcolonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Bengali Literature


Srinivas Reddy, Ph. D. (University of California, Berkeley)
Assistant Professor (South Asian Studies)
Specialty Areas: Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu literary traditions, Vijayanagara history, Indian classical music traditions, Translation studies


Tannistha Samta, Ph. D. (University of Maryland)
Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Specialty Areas: Social demography, aging in developing countries, gender, public policy, health and quantitative methods


Angus McBlane, Ph. D. (Cardiff University)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Research Areas: European Philosophy (Phenomenology, Post-Phenomenological Philosophies, Critical and Cultural Theory, Merleau-Ponty, Derrida), Posthumanism, Visual Culture, Embodiment.


Pedro Pombo, Ph.D. (ISCTE-IUL)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Ethnography of Mozambique, ethnography of India, ethnicity and cultural identity, postcolonialism, subaltern studies, space and territoriality, space and social codification, cartography, development anthropology, visual culture


Research Interests: Global studies as a field of study, Global studies education, language and culture.


Rosa Maria Perez, PhD (ISCTE, Lisbon)
Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Social structures, Social segregation, Subaltern studies, Fieldwork methodology, Portuguese colonialism and postcolonialism in India, Globalisation and Diaspora, Anthropology and Cinema.


Guest Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Research Interests: Archaeology and history of ancient India, history of Indian science and technology, Indian heritage, cultural education


Alok Kumar Kanungo, PhD (Deccan College)
Assistant Research Professor (Archaeology)
Research Interests: Who owns the past, Understanding history and origin of the nagas, History and origin of glass.


V. N. Prabhakar, PhD (Kurukhsetra University)
Visiting Assistant Professor (Archaeology)
Research Interests: Harappan archaeology with emphasis on application of sciences in Archaeology.


Shivakumar Jolad, PhD (The Pennsylvania State University)
Assistant Professor (Jointly With Physics)
Research Interests: Networks-complex systems, Information theory, Population dynamics