Annie George


Annie Rachel Sam George



Translation studies, Bible translations into Indian languages.

Dr. Arnapurna Rath

Synopsis of Research

The Kristapurana, written by an English priest Thomas Stephens, S.J. is a milestone in the history of Indian literature. It is a Christian epic poem in Marathi (written in the Roman script), first published in 1616.  The Kristapurana is a unique text in the literary – cultural history of India. My research revolves around why Stephens chose the form of the Purana to tell his story, of how the form lends itself to the telling of a ‘foreign’ story and the use of the ovi meter used by poets of the region during those times. The text is the melting – pot of an encounter between cultures and as such should be treated as a text of importance in our literary history. The theories of Cultural Translation would be analysed and applied to the text in order to bring out its features as an example of Cultural translation.


Summary of Qualifications

  • Doctoral Student in Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar ( Supervisor: Dr. Arnapurna Rath)
  • MA in English, Gold Medalist from University of Pune


 Special Recognition

  • Secured Gold Medal for highest marks and outstanding performance in MA English from University of Pune.

 Course work at IIT Gandhinagar

  • Classical Indian Literature in English Translation
  • Critical Journey through Select Thoughts and Theories
  • India on the Verge of Colonialism
  • The Impact of Colonialism: Nationalism & Gender
  • Cultures of Communication
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • South Asia: History, Society and Culture
  • Scarred Nations
  • Introduction to Life Sciences
  • Independent Project: Dalit Literature in Maharashtra and Gujarat
  • Independent Seminar: British Education in Nineteenth Century India
  • Independent Seminar: Multilingualism and Translation in India


TAship at IIT Gandhinagar

TA to the course HS: 624 – “Tropes of Time and Topography” in the semester Jan-April, 2015.

TA to the Course HS: 641 – “South Asia through Literature” in the semester Aug – Dec, 2015



George, Annie and Trivedi, Chirag. “Shudra to Anaarya: Identity and Expression in Dalit Narratives of Maharashtra and Gujarat”. Presented at the conference Theorizing Movements: Literary, Social and Cultural. MSU Baroda, 24, 25 March, 2014.

Rachel, Annie Sam George and Rath, Arnapurna. “Kristapurana and travels of the Bible into seventeenth century India”, at the 8th Biennial Bible Translation Conference (Bible Translation 2015), Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, US, Oct. 16-20, 2015.

Rachel, Annie Sam George and Rath, Arnapurna. “Translating the Sacred: ‘Vaicunttha’ and the Heaven of Glory and Blessedness”. Accepted for presentation at IIT Madras for the conference Grappling with the Sacred to be held beween 21 – 24 January, 2016. (Forthcoming)


Courses /Workshops

Online course on Coursera – May-June, 2014. “The Bible’s Prehistory, Purpose and Political Future” is a MOOC offered on Coursera ( and taught by Dr. Jacob L. Wright of Emory University.

3-day workshop “Theory after Theory”, conducted by IIT Madras and the Forum on Contemporary Theory on the days 26-28 September, 2014, at IIT Madras. Discussant in the session “Sycorax, Surpanakha and Other Dark Women”.