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Achal Mehra

Visiting Professor
  • BTech: IIT Kanpur, 1980
  • PhD: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 1985

Email: achal -AT- iitgn.ac.in
Office: 9/208
VOIP: 2712

Research Interests: Online media, Media management, Investigative reporting, Media law, media ethics, Censorship, International communications, Comparative media systems, Mass media and society


  • Magazine/Newspaper Articles/Short Story
  • Books
  • Mehra, Achal, "The Patidar agitation in a pocket" DNA Ahmedabad, pp. 10, Sep. 11, 2015. (Publication year 2015) Mehra, Achal, "Why the IITs' decision to quit one ranking system is a smokescreen", Thewire.in, Apr. 18, 2020. (Publication year 2020)
  • Free Flow of Information: A New Paradigm. GREENWOOD PRESS, Westport, CT. (1986).