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Sharmita Lahiri

Assistant Professor
  • BA (Hons. English): St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, 1995
  • MA: University of Calcutta, 1997
  • MA: University of Houston, 2002
  • PhD: University of Houston, 2008

  • Email: sharmitalahiri -AT- iitgn.ac.in

  • Office: 5/404 D
  • VOIP: 2407

Research Interests: Indian writing in english, Postcolonial literature and theory, Feminist literature and theory, Multiethnic literature, Writing and composition


  • Book Chapter
  • Journal Articles
  • Others
  • Papers Presented
  • Lahiri, Sharmita, “Everything is an argument: A thematic approach to teaching English and communication skills course”, in Unlock Their Futures: A Skills-based Approach to Teaching English, New Delhi, IN: Sterling Publishers, 2011, pp. 54-61, ISBN: 978-8120761391.
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