Dyotana Banerjee is Lecturer in Politics in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Gandhinagar. She is a B.A, M.A in Politics and International Relations from Jadavpur University, India, and an M.Sc. in International Development Studies from The University of Edinburgh, UK. She completed her PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences (Politics) from IIT Gandhinagar. Her doctoral dissertation, titled ‘A caste-coded city: mobility and marginalization in the space-politics of Ahmedabad’, is an ethnographic study of the caste-cohered neighborhoods and anti-caste politics in the cityspace of Ahmedabad. She has published in journals such as Contemporary South Asia, Critical Asian Studies, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research etc. She has also published opinion pieces on The Wire, The Quint, Countercurrents.org and South Asia Journal on caste and class in Hindi cinema. She received Commonwealth Studies Centre, ECSAS and AAS-in-Asia travel grants for presenting her doctoral research in the conferences in the UK and Europe from 2016 to 2019. Dr. Banerjee’s research lies at the interface of urban politics and political sociology; her works specifically focus on caste politics in India, politics of socio-spatial marginality in urban Indian neighborhoods, politics of aspiration and the gig economy in urban India.


Research Interests: Politics of urban transformations, Caste politics in India, Youth politics, neoliberal cultures, and social media, Indian middle-class politics



B.A. (Political Science): Jadavpur University, India, 2008

M.A. (International Relations): Jadavpur University, India, 2010

M.Sc. (International Development): University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2011

Ph.D. (Humanities & Social Sciences): IIT Gandhinagar, India, 2020


Selected Publications:


Banerjee, Dyotana, “Pandemic rituals and compliant urban neighbours: Middle-class politics in Bangalore’’, Urban Now, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Aug 2020 (published)

Banerjee, Dyotana, “Reading a Dalit movement through social media; limits and possibilities”, Critical Asian Studies, Aug 2019, Taylor & Francis (published)

Banerjee, Dyotana, and Mehta, Mona G. “Caste and capital in the remaking of Ahmedabad.” Contemporary South Asia, 25, no. 2, 2017: 182-195, Taylor & Francis (published)

Banerjee, Dyotana, and Das Noyonika, “Moralizing middle class and the Choked response to Demonetization”, in South Asia Journal, Commentary, June 6, 2020. (published)

Banerjee, Dyotana, ‘Love Thy Neighbour The Economical Way’, Jadavpur Journal of International Relations, 11, no 1, 2008: 407-411, Sage Publications (published) https://doi.org/10.1177/0973598408110026


In review:

Banerjee, Dyotana, ‘A ‘casteless’ Dalit collective? Urban marginality & aspirations in the ‘new’ Dalit politics of Ahmedabad’, Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge Core (Revised &Resubmitted)

Banerjee, Dyotana, “Caste, gig-economy and the youth: The resurgence of a new age caste politics in urban Gujarat”, Special Issue ‘Urban Transformations and Youth Aspirations in India’ Edited by Vaid. D, Mehta. M. G and Priyam. M, Journal of South Asian History and Culture (Routledge: Taylor and Francis) (In review)



Banerjee, Dyotana, “Caste, class and populist political anxieties in ‘Paatal Lok'”, The Wire, May 23, 2020. Thewire.in

Banerjee, Dyotana, “Thappad: defying patriarchy without dismantling families?”, Countercurrents.org, May 12, 2020.

Ingole, Prashant and Banerjee, Dyotana, “Coronavirus and caste: is our response to the pandemic casteist?”, The Quint, Mar. 21, 2020.

Banerjee, Dyotana, “Savarna middle class and Article 15: Puncturing the ‘politics’ in the political”, in Countercurrents.org, Jul. 9, 2019.


Work Experience:

Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (Aug 2020 to present)

Adjunct Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (Jan 2020 – Jul 2020)