Sponsored Research Projects

  • Ongoing
  • Completed
    • •  The effects of reverse migration on indigenous communities following India's COVID-19 induced lockdown.” Social Science Research Council. 2020-
         PI: Nishaant Choksi
    • •  Nature in InterAsia: Biodiversity in Conservation in India, China, and Bhutan. Social Science Research Council and Andrew Mellon Foundation 2018-
         PI: Ambika Aiyadurai
    • •  Establishing the SCCC in Gujarat, DST, India, 2019- 2022. 
         PI: M.A Subramanyam (PI: Health and Vulnerability sectors, lead PI: Vikrant Jain, IITGN),
    • •  Curiosity to aid learning and motivation in schools. Indian Council of Social Science Research, 2019-2021.
         PI: JaisonManjaly
    • •  Development of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Risk Assessment model for Diverse Ethnic Indian Population DBT, India, 2017- 2020 (Extension Granted)
         PI: M.A. Subramanyam, (Co-PIs: Dr. Ramakrishnan, IITM and Dr. Dinesh Kant Kumar, RMIT),
    • •  Gram Varta Evaluation, University of Goettingen, Germany, 2017-2020 (Extension Granted)
         PI: M.A. Subramanyam
    • •  Evaluation of Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, NITI Aayog, 2018-2018 (Extension Grated). 
         PI: M.A. Subramanyam (Lead PI: Dr. William Joe, IEG),
    • •  Designing impact evaluations for Gram Varta under SWASTH, Bihar.3IE, India,2014- 2015 (Extension Granted). 
         PI: M.A. Subramanyam
    • •  Indigenous Cultural Heritage as a Facilitator for the Sustainable Development of Goals, Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), 2019-2022
         Co-PI: Alok Kumar Kanungo, Nishaant Choksi (Claire Smith, Chris Wilson)
    • •  Technology-assisted Pelvic Motion Characterization and Gait Rehabilitation for the Elderly, DST India, 2019-2022.
         Co-PI: M.A. Subramanyam, (PI – Uttama Lahiri ,IITGN),
    • •  VR-based Exergaming Platform in Conjunction with Neuroimaging Guided Non-Invasive Electrical Stimulation, MHRD India, 2019- 2021.
         Co-PI: M.A. Subramanyam, (PI – Uttama Lahir, IITGN), 
    • •  SmartWalk: Intelligent Sensor-fitted Shoes for Gait Monitoring and Rehabilitation in Neurological Disorders, DBT, India, 2018- 2020. 
         Co-PI: M.A. Subramanyam, (PI – Uttama Lahiri, IITGN),
    • •  Some Aspects of British Policies Towards School Education in Assam in Nineteenth and the early Twentieth centuries, Indian Council of Historical Research, 2017-2020.
         PI: Madhumita Sengupta
    • •  A Cognitivist Exploration into Privacy Behavior and Experience. DST, India. 2011-2014
         PI: Jaison Manjaly
    • •  Socioeconomic Patterning of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Asian Indians: A Cross Cultural Comparison of the United States and India, Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities at the University of Michigan, 2011-2012
         PI: M.A. Subramanyam, R. Misra, A.V. Diez-Roux