India Ki Khoj


India-Ki-Khoj is an intensive module focusing upon the understanding and appreciation of India through diverse lectures and field visits. The program is designed and led by  members of the Humanities and Social Sciences Program at IIT, Gandhinagar. It brings  both overseas and IITGN students together to participate in this program for ten days. The first India-Ki-Khoj was held in December 2011 and hosted students from Caltech. India-Ki-Khoj 2015 is now scheduled from 14 to 21 December, 2015. We invite participation of students from different universities across the world.

This happens in Ahmedabad – a six hundred year old historic city that is also responding rapidly to modernity and globalization. Chosen by Gandhi as the centre of his political campaigns and social experiments, Ahmedabad also has a long-standing tradition of business and entrepreneurship as well as spectacular architecture. It provides to participants an unhurried view of a city that has something of the old as it embraces the new; a simultaneous view of the ‘regional’ and the ‘national’.

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