Medical Humanities Colloquy 18

Title: Queer Abuse, Corporeality and Care in Carmen Machado’s In the Dream House

Description: This talk explores the intersection of abuse, trauma, corporeality and queer sexuality in the context of Carmen Maria Machado’s memoir In the Dream House (2019). Machado uses experimental storytelling approaches to write about queer intimacies and violence without succumbing to victimhood stereotypes. By writing about her memory of abuse and “queering the archive” of abuse, her memoir develops a de-pathologized model of trauma that supports a “culture of care” and “community.”

Bio: Angel Maria Varghese is a Sabarmati Research Fellow at IIT Gandhinagar. She completed a BA in Literature, Journalism and Psychology from St.Joseph’s University, Bangalore and her MA in Society and Culture from IIT Gandhinagar. Previously, her writings, including short stories, creative non-fiction and research essays, have been published in online magazines and blogs such as Indian Network for Memory Studies, Indian Ruminations, The Open Dosa, Deccan Chronicle, Agents of Ishq and Esthesia Magazine.

Date: April 14, Friday

Time: 6:00 pm IST
Venue: AB 6/202