Postdoctoral Fellowship

We are looking for an exceptionally bright postdoctoral researcher to conduct interdisciplinary research on Western Indian Glass in General and Kapadvanj in particular. The PDF is expected to work on: 1) Medieval Indian Glass 2) Situating Kapadvanj in Heritage Map; 3) Kapadvanj Glass from Ethnography to Archaeology; 4) Mirror Making; and 4) Interactive DVDs on Traditional Glass Crafts of India.

Postdoctoral Recruitment

Early Career Fellowship

The opportunity to work on an exciting challenge or a research problem is the dream of a scholar, especially when possible within a creative and innovative ecosystem. IITGN-ECF is designed to offer these possibilities and support young scholars in their pursuit of excellence. With the possibility of extraordinary personal and professional growth, IITGN-ECF would prepare you for an independent futuristic academic career. The opportunities presented to you through IITGN-ECF offers access not only to a department but to the entire research infrastructure and facility of the Institute. The non-existent boundaries of disciplines at IITGN allow you to unlock the potential to experiment and contribute to the interdisciplinary ecosystem, which was carefully built over the years.

ECF Recruitment

Early Career & Postdoctoral Fellows

HSS offers limited Postdoctoral positions to outstanding scholars to pursue their research at IITGN. These fellowships are depended on the availability of funding to Individual faculty members. We are also very happy to host externally funded Postdoctoral fellows (UGC, DST, CSIR, etc.). To know more about the availability of funding and positions, please contact the individual faculty.