Speaker: Ather Zia
Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Gender Studies program at the University of Northern Colorado Greeley

Ather is the author of Resisting Disappearances: Military Occupation and Women’s Activism in Kashmir (June 2019) which won the 2020 Gloria Anzaldua Honorable Mention award. She is the co-editor of Cm You Hear Kashmiri Women Speak (Women Unlimited 2020). Resisting Occupation in Kashmir (Upenn 2018) and A Desolation called Peace (Harper Collins. May 2019). She has published a poetry collection “The Frame” (1999) and another collection is forthcoming. In 2013 Atheis ethnographic poetry on Kashmir has won an award from the Society for Humanistic Anthropology. She is the founder-editor of Kashmir Lit and is the co-founder of Critical Kashmir Studies Collective. an interdisciplinary network of scholars working in the Kashmir region.

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