Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, User Experience, Digital Society Challenges, Law and Technology



Nuno Guimarães (b. 25.01.1960)
1983 – graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/UTL), Lisbon, Portugal
1987 – Master of Sciences – Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
1992 – PhD in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering, IST, Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Publications

– Puttress, J. and Guimarães, N. (1990), The Toolkit approach to Hypermedia, Proceedings of the ECHT’90 Conference, (included in the ACM Hypertext Compendium), Nov 1990, Paris, France

– Antunes, P., Guimarães, N., Cardenosa, J. and Segovi, J.a (1995), Beyond Formal Processes: Augmenting Workflow with Group Interaction Techniques, ACM Conference on Organizational Computing Systems, COOCS’95, Aug 1995, Milpitas, San Jose, CA, USA

– Guimarães, N., Correia,N., Oliveira, I. and Martins, J. (1998), Designing Computer Support for Content Analysis: a situated use of video parsing and analysis techniques, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol.7, Nr. 3, 1998

– Chambel, T. and Guimarães, N. (2002), Context Perception in Video-based Hypermedia Spaces, Proceedings of ACM Hypertext 2002, College Park, Maryland, USA

– Guimarães, N. and Carriço, L. (2009) Hypermedia Genes: An Evolutionary Perspective on Concepts, Models, and Architectures, (Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts Retrieval and Services), Morgan & Claypool Publishers, November 2009, ISBN-10: 1608450910, ISBN-13: 978-1608450916

– Mares, I., Custódio, P., Fonseca, J., Bentes, C., Guerreiro, M., Guimarães, N. and Martins, I. (2015) To read or not to read: a neurophysiological study, Neurocase, Published Online 02/2015, Taylor and Francis DOI: 10.1080/13554794.2015.1013137

– Guimarães, N. (2021) Complexity, Design and Culture: convergences for digital experiences, Interaction Design and Architecture(s), N.47, April 2021, ISSN: 1826-9745

Work Experience

He is Professor at ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (since 2012)

He was also a Professor at IST/UTL (1992/1997) and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (1997/2012)

Invited Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany (2010)

Visiting scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India (2014 and 2019)

Consultant for AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, USA (1989-1991)

Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2003-2009),

Pro- and Vice Rector of ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (2012-2018),

Member of the board and founder of several startup IT companies (1999 to 2006),

Senior Member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) since 2012,

Chair of the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society since 2021