History, Science and Technology of South Asian Ceramics

Date: 05-09 January 2024

At a time when India is witnessing the collapse of its traditional ceramic industry in favor of an alternative- metallic, more automated and less labor-intensive, this conference will provide new impetus on the roots of an activity on the brink of extinction.

The aims of the conference are:

  • To engage with the most up-to-date research on South Asia Ceramics (pottery) vis-à-vis the fields of archaeology, ethnography, experimental studies and archaeometry.
  • To present the main actors in these fields to a large number of South Asian students and young scholars and train them to newer techniques and approaches.
  • To discuss the development of ceramics through the ages and archaeometry involved to interpret the past technology with the help of archaeologists and/or scientists.

The study of ceramics, involves ethnography, history, archaeology and scientific investigations, a combination of which has not evolved fully in south Asia even though ceramics predominates this area. Further, the need of standardization of ceramic studies in terms of nomenclature, chronology, typology and technology among various researchers, is envisaged.

Keeping in view of above objectives, a five-day Conference on ‘History, Science and Technology of South Asian Ceramics’ from 05-09 January 2024 is organized in collaborations: IIT Gandhinagar, Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology and IIT Madras. Eminent scholars from around the world, and ceramic craftsmen from India will share their work and deliver lectures and carryout hands-on experiments for the participants. With pre-designed requested paper from the experts a book on Ancient Ceramics of South Asia: Archaeology, Ethnography and Global Connections will be published.

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