In 2012, the world population crossed the demographic milestone of seven billion inhabitants. Globally, people are living longer and there have been tremendous advances in public health and technology suggesting achievements of the global scientific community. At the same time, our world remains deeply divided in terms of incomes and opportunities with continuing disparities in health, education and justice. These paradoxical forces are fundamentally altering economies, trade, human migration, environment, and disease burdens across the globe. Acknowledging and addressing these developmental concerns through informed dialogues, impactful research and public policy are crucial practical and moral challenges of our times.

Poised at this critical juncture, the Summer Institute, through pedagogy and research, will offer a unique opportunity to engage, empower and prepare young researchers in their global pursuit for a healthy, equitable and sustainable world for all. Through cutting edge research drawing from diverse social sciences and humanities disciplines and utilizing interdisciplinary methodologies, the Summer Institute will examine how the scientific community at large can contribute to a sharper understanding of the complex interlinkages of health and development, with a particular focus on the global South. The Institute aims to engage participants to successfully build professional networks, develop research programs and actively contribute to critical knowledge creation and exchange.

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