Title: ‘What is Political Theology? Secularism, Modernity, and the Question of Religion’
Abstract: What is Political Theology? In broad brush strokes, this essay sketches a rough picture of what has come to be called “the theologico-political problem” in our contemporary times, that is, the problematic relation between “the theological” and “the political”. That the relation between the two has never been simple and unambiguous makes it “problematic” in true sense of the term, that is to say: the relation has never allowed itself to be secured on a firm ground. The essay then goes onto envision a political theology which does not have to be anchored on the concept of sovereignty and on the necessity of legitimation of sovereign power; instead, what we need is a new idea of exception without sovereignty which opens up the political to the theological in such a way where the theological does not have to serve as a principle of legitimation of sovereign powers. With this, the critique of modernity goes hand in hand with deconstruction of sovereignty.
Saitya Brata Das teaches literature and philosophy at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His areas of interest are: political theology, philosophy of literature and contemporary continental thought. He is the author of The Political Theology of Schelling (2016), The Political Theology of Kierkegaard (2020) and Political Theology of Life (2023).
Date: 27th September 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 05:00 PM
Venue: AB 6/202