Language Oppression, Social Exclusion and Linguistic Justice – By Dr. Vijay D’Souza – 27 Feb ’23

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Department hosted another lecture under the Social Justice Seminar Series of this semester. Vijay D’Souza, who is a linguist and a current director of the North Eastern Institute of Language and Culture (NEILAC), Guwahati, delivered a very comprehensive and in-depth lecture titled “Language, Oppression, Social Exclusion and Linguistic Justice”.

In his lecture, Vijaya D’Souza shared about his work with the Hrusso Aka indigenous community of Arunachal Pradesh in the revival of the Hrusso language.

As part of the discussion, he discussed how revitalizing an endangered language can contribute to a community’s reconciliation of ecology and culture relations. The lecture was well attended by the IITGN community as well as by people from outside.