PI: Jaison Manjaly

Co-PI: Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee

Project By: DST, India

Duration: 2011-2014

Brief Description of the Project:

We aim to study ‘privacy’ from a cognitive science perspective. Internet communications and interactions have penetrated markets significantly, which has escalated privacy concerns among people. However, there are very few studies on privacy behavior and privacy experience among Indians, to our astonishment. The proposed project would be an attempt to bridge the gap between the scarce resources on privacy and the demand for a large-scale study of privacy. Privacy, we believe, is a multi-dimensional metaphorical construct, which needs systematic analysis. We also aim to conduct nationwide studies specifically aimed to unravel attitudes and behavior towards privacy. The outcome of our study would be a theoretical model of privacy built from data gathered from multiple demographic profiles across the country and research findings in cognitive science.