PI: Alok Kumar Kanungo

External Support: Archaeological Survey of India and Directorate of Archaeology – Gujarat State.

Brief Description of the Project:

Bhagatrav (210 28’ 24.4” N 720 42’ 09.2” E) is located in Jetpur Village, near Hansot, Baruch district. Late Dr. S.R. Rao who took a trial trench at the site in 1958 claimed the site to be a port site contemporary to Lothal (Ancient India 18-19: 190). This site is on an estuary of river Kim, near the Arabian Sea coastline, and has access to the agate-bearing mines and forested hills of the valleys of the rivers Narmada and Tapti.

An archaeological investigation program was carried out in during 08.04.2015-24.05.2015 to unearth evidences for situating the finds with the other contemporary finds of coastal Sorath region; to see the relation of the site with nearby mineral resources; to examine the claim of site being a port site; and to explore the differences between Sorath Harappan ceramics vs others.