PI: M.A. Subramanyam

Project by: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, India

Duration: 2014- 2015 (Extension Granted)

Brief Description of the Project: The goal of this project was to design an evaluation study that assessed the impact of Gram Varta, a complex health, nutrition, and sanitation intervention being implemented by the Government of Bihar. The design process began with detailed discussions with the intervention designers to understand the theory of change of the intervention, followed by field visits to observe the implementation. Later, a comprehensive evaluation study was designed that not only employed the best practices of impact evaluation, but also acknowledged the practical realities of the local context in which the intervention was being implemented. A participatory approach was adopted where several rounds of discussion were held with the program designers, and representatives of the intended beneficiaries of the program.

Others involved (JRF, students, or collaborations):

Prof Sebastian Vollmer of the University of Goettingen, Co-PI

Prof S. V. Subramanian of Harvard University, collaborating consultant.