23-May to 03-June-2022


The workshop is aimed to provide a setting in which students can learn to critically and constructively assess archaeological studies of early technology and urbanism and their relevance for the present. It will focus on the emergence of early urbanism throughout the world and the role of ancient science and specialized technologies and trajectories that led to the establishment of the first state level societies. In the same vein, India’s contribution to global knowledge system will be emphasized.

 Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Archaeological Perspectives on Specialized Technology, Science and Urbanism;
  2. Scientific Analysis of Materials and Experimental Analysis;
  3. Reductive Technologies: Lithics, Heat Treatment, Pyrotechnology;
  4. Transformative Technologies: Ceramics, glazing;
  5. Transformative Technologies: Metallurgy;
  6. Organic Technologies: Textiles, dying;
  7. Organic Technologies: Food processing and storage;
  8. Codification and Transmission of Techno-Scientific Knowledge;
  9. Cross Cultural Exchange and Stimulation of Technological Development;
  10. Legacies of Early Urban technologies in the present and their relevance


Prof. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Dr. Alok Kumar Kanungo


Eligibility in related fields:

  • PG students, PhD scholars, and Early Career Staffs/Faculties

Registration Deadline: 16th May 2022

Total No of seats for non IITGN students: 10 (Max two from an Institute)

Venue: IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj, Gandhinagar 382055, Gujarat, INDIA

On 17th selected candidate will be communicated over email

Hostel accommodation for the selected candidates will be taken care of.

Food is arranged in the student’s mess.

Travel expenses up to Rs. 3000/- will be reimbursed (base price of second sleeper or 3 tier AC train or Bus) for students who have no scholarship.

Organising Secretary: Dr. Alok Kumar Kanungo (