Oral History Workshop: Insights from the Narmada Valley

16 February 2023

The aim of the workshop was to provide training on oral narrative methods by project participants, including Principal Investigator, Research Assistants, and Research Consultants, for the creation of publication and the curation of a digital archive.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • How to elicit oral narratives from community members
  • How to transcribe
  • How to edit notes
  • How to make notes ready for publishing in digital or other formats


  • Nandini Oza, former president Oral History Association of India
  • Sri Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor (“Uncle Moosa”), Scholar-in-Residence, HSS, IITGN
  • Narmada valley residents who had been displaced and resettled as part of the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP).

About Nandini Oza

Nandini Oza is a former social worker and activist who has spent several decades working with those affected by the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.  She visited IIT-GN to talk about her experience with the Narmada movement, and her work as an oral historian documenting the stories of struggle, displacement, and resettlement of those affected by the project.  In addition to giving a public lecture entitled River of Life: Oral Histories of the Narmada Struggle , Oza also spent time with discussing with participants in the ongoing project Mobility and Multilingualism in the Indian Ocean: Impacts of Global Ecological Change on Local Society, led by Principal Investigator and HSS faculty member Nishaant Choksi about how to conduct oral history and community-driven research initiatives.

The workshop was a great way to further the goals of coming up with meaningful ways to have community members participate in curating and disseminating research results that will have a local impact.

This workshop was funded by the Social Science Research Council’s Transregional Collaboratory on the Indian Ocean.