PI: Ambika Aiyadurai

Project by: Social Science Research Council and Andrew Mellon Foundation

Duration: 2018 – 2021

Community-based projects involve multiple actors, institutions and discourses to define, contest, re-interpret and enforce ideas and claims over nature, making it a complex socio-political process. This project aims to understand the types of conflicts and contestations over ideas of nature. The study aims to analyse different models of conservation projects that are currently operational in the region and to design effective models that would benefit local communities and biodiversity. This project aims to analyse community based conservation initiatives in terms of local community’s perception and attitude towards these conservation projects and different actors involved in these projects such as government agencies (forest department), NGOs (grassroots, transnational) and individual researchers.

Others involved (JRF, students, or collaborations)
JRF: Sayan Banerjee