What’s next on India’s plate?: Opportunities and challenges for creating an equitable food system by 2050

Abstract: In the face of economic growth, rising urbanization, and population growth, India faces opportunities to re-invent its food system to reduce regional inequality, increase rural incomes and improve health and nutrition. This talk will present an overview of the current food systems challenges faced by India, identify trends that create new opportunities or threats for progress, emphasize policy and institutional interventions needed to address these challenges and provide some goals for furthering India’s food systems agenda of food security for all.


Dr. Aiyar is a Health Economist & serves as Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Prior to joining UNR, she worked at the Tata-Cornell Institute of Agriculture and Nutrition at Cornell University as a Postdoctoral Associate. She studies the direct and indirect impacts of health policies on improving access to health, income, food and nutrition security. Anaka’s research has been published in premier academic journals such as Journal of Development Economics, World Development, Journal of Development Studies, Economics and Human Biology, Economics Letters and the Journal of Business Ethics. She has received several honors and awards including the Postdoc Achievement Award for Excellence in Leadership at Cornell University, Taraknath Das Foundation Grant in Aid (Columbia University) and the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship Award at the University of California, Riverside. You can follow her research at http://www.anaka-aiyar.com/ and @AiyarAnaka.