Core Faculty

Ambika Aiyadurai
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Biodiversity conservation, human-animal relations, ecotourism, indigenous people and livelihoods, conservation and development.

Arka Chattopadhyay
Assistant Professor
Research InterestsModernism and Postmodernism, Global Modernisms, Modern Theatre, European avant-garde Fiction, Continental Philosophy, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Bengali Literature, Translation Studies, Modern Poetry, Death Studies; Affect Studies, Mathematical Thinking, Literary Forms, Body in Literature, Sexuality Studies, Ageing and Literature, Spectrality and literature. 

Nishaant Choksi
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Semiotics; linguistic ethnography; script and writing systems; language and politics; aesthetics of language; Adivasi societies and history; Border Regions.

Alok Kumar Kanungo
Assistant Research Professor
Research InterestsWho owns the past; Understanding history and origin of the Nagas; History and origin of glass


Sharmita Lahiri 
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Indian writing in English; Postcolonial Literature; Feminist Literature; Multiethnic Literature

Jaison A. Manjaly
Jasubhai Memorial Chair, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Curiosity; Embodied Cognition; Moral Decision

Mona G. Mehta
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Democracy, urban transformations, Indian middle class, identity politics, political thought of M K Gandhi, interpretive and ethnographic research methods.

Krishna Prasad Miyapuram
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Brain Imaging (fMRI) & Cognitive Science, Learning & Decision Making, Consumer Behaviour & Neuroeconomics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Arnapurna Rath
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: South Asian Literature, Comparative Literature, and Digital Humanities

Tannistha Samanta
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Gerontology; family sociology; population studies; gender and sexuality; mixed methods

Madhumita Sengupta
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Indian History, Colonialism and the British Indian Empire,  Postcolonial Studies, Social History, Politics of Language and Print Periodicals in Bangla and Assamese.

Malavika Subramanyam
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Socioeconomic and psychosocial determinants of health; public health nutrition; program evaluation.

Meera M. Sunny
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Visual Attention, Attention capture, Visual marking


Guest Faculty

R. S. Bisht
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Archaeology

Bijoy Boruah
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind; Philosophical Aesthetics; History of Modern Western Philosophy; Ethics and Value Theory; Metaphysics of the Self.

Lilavati Krishnan
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Distributive justice, Prosocial behavior, Cross-cultural/cultural issues, Indigenous concepts in psychology.

Himanshu Prabha Ray
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Archaeology, Archaeology of Religion in South and Southeast Asia, Maritime Heritage and Archaeology of the Indian Ocean. 

Shyam Sunder
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Financial reporting, information in security markets, statistical theory of valuation, and design of electronic markets.

Koshy Tharakan
Guest Professor
Research Interests: Entrepreneurial Finance, Economics of innovation, Firm theory


Shungo Kawanishi
Research Interests: Global Education, International Relations, Global Studies, Industrial Sociology, Asian Studies, Intercultural Communication

Postdoctoral Associates

Mohd. Mubashshir Ahsan
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Research Interests: Arabic and Islamic Studies in India, Translation: Arabic to English, Hindi, Urdu, and vice versa.

Ruman Banerjee
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Research Interests: Indus Valley Civilization and Archaeology, Typo-technological study, Modelling, Simulation and experimentation of lithic materials and anthropology, Cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

Neeraj Kumar
Post Doctoral Fellow
Research Interests: Action, Perception, Motor Control

Mana Apoorva Shah
Teaching Associate
Research InterestsSanskrit and Prakrit grammar, Jain Kavya and Stotra literature, Manuscriptology.


Visiting Faculty

Michel Danino
Visiting Professor
Research InterestsIndia’s protohistory, early history, society and cultural heritage; history of science and technology in premodern India; archaeological sciences.


Rajmohan Gandhi
Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Global studies as a field of study, Global studies education, language and culture.

Leslee Lazar
Visiting Faculty
Research Interests: Neuroscience of Design, Science Communication, Cultural Cognition, Behavioral Change.

Vandana Luximon
French Language Trainee Teacher
Research Interests: Indian Mythology, Women in Indian Mythology, Women in Indian Society.

Angus McBlane
Visiting Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Phenomenology; posthumanism; Embodied Cognition; Comparative Philosophy/Theory

Achal Mehra
Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Online Media, Media Management, Investigative Reporting, Media Law, Media Ethics, Censorship, International Communications, Comparative Media Systems, Mass Media and Society

Rosa Maria Perez
Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Social structures, Social segregation, Subaltern studies, Fieldwork methodology, Portuguese colonialism and postcolonialism in India, Globalisation and Diaspora, Anthropology and Cinema.


A. Ramanathan
Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Managerial economics, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Applied Econometrics, and Monetary economics. Research Methods in Social Sciences & Select topics of Engineering Economics